We’ve been creating innovative medicine with our partners for over 40 years. Lead by Dr. Fred D. Sancilio, SCI’s heritage began at Applied Analytical Industries (AAI), probably the first contract research organization in the United States. There Sancilio led development programs supporting such brands as Prilosec, Nexium, Stridex, Benadryl and over 1,000 drug product approvals. Sancilio continued to grow his skills and built several innovative biotech companies including Aesgen, a partnership with the Mayo Clinic and Endeavor, a partnership with Schering, Ag.

Years later, Sancilio and Company evolved into a premier resource for growing young companies seeking to avoid pitfalls that can derail even the best programs. Today, Sancilio and Company is leading efforts to treat diseases that were once thought of as untreatable. Ongoing development work with partners focus on Sickle Cell Disease, Alzeheimer’s, ALS and Covid-19.

Our Goal

We aim to build value-creating partnerships with our global network of entrepreneurs, academicians and scientists allowing products to reach market expeditiously and cost effectively.

Through our global network, we identify product opportunities and work with our partners to advance them from concept to market.

We provide our four decades of experience to shape programs uniquely for each opportunity. We may enter into development agreements where we manage the entire process from discovery to marketing and distribution, or we may help find investors to support selected programs.

Need a contract manufacturer, ingredient supplier or specialty analysis; you can benefit from our 40 years of experience and avoid mistakes made by many who try to go it alone.

An Unwavering Commitment to
Quality and Value Creation

  • Throughout the decades, we’ve been focused on providing quality products and services to our partners.

  • Our own products are the result of over 20 years of research and are the very best they can be.

  • Our Clearway Global Development Programs can take your idea and make it a reality as we move the project through the development cycle.
    1. We can offer alternative regulatory strategies
    2. Provide international partnering opportunities
    3. Coordinate low-cost clinical trials to prove a products worth while reducing risk to investors
    4. Introduce talented entrepreneurs with high potential opportunities to safe investors

  • We can also guide you through Regulation CF, A and D offerings and even help you find the right public transaction, reverse mergers, initial public offerings or access to foreign public markets